What’s expected from a Moderator

Created on: 09/11/2017
Updated on: 09/11/2017

This is a guide with as purpose to train moderators and explain some situations that you as a moderator could have to solve. This can be useful for Trainees as to see if they want to be promoted but mainly for moderators to help them make their tasks easier. Assuming that you have been promoted to moderators and are now trying to help the Massacre servers/community as good as you can. Here you will find some situations/explanations on how to use the available commands.
(Trainee commands will not be mentioned, for those see Trainee Commands and Situations).


/tp: This command is used to teleport you or other players to other players, places or you. To teleport you to a player do /tp (nameofplayer) WARNING! If detected that you abused this to PvP you will be instantly DEMOTED! You can also teleport to an area of the map (seattle for example) for this do /tp seattle. To teleport players to other players you can do /tp (player1) (player2) ATTENTION! Put a space between the 2 player names. Lastly, if you want to teleport a player to you, you can do /tphere (player). If a playername has more than 1 seperated words in his name you need to do "word1 word2".

/kick: This command is used to kick players off the server that have been dodging mutes, or been obstructing your work as a moderator. Again do NOT ABUSE this command as it can be easily checked and will result in an instant DEMOTE!

/vanish: This command is used to go invisible for other players, however you can still shoot
and see others. Do NOT use this for PvP as it is abuse and will result in an instant DEMOTE!
Be careful though, if you do /vanish while you are still spawn protected you will NOT be invisible! You can use this command to go into glitched bases to make sure the owners don’t see you and don’t remove their beds/structures.

Wreck: The wreck command is used to destroy structures. This can be used to get rid of
glitched bases and random structures that lag the server. It is used as followed:
/w * # with # being the radius in which objects will be removed.
After doing that command this will pop up in chat:
[alert] Server: # elements found, ~#,## sec(s) to complete run.
[alert] Server: Type ‘/wreck confirm’ or ‘/wreck abort’

If you see that the # elements is WAY HIGHER than objects you see, don’t confirm yet.
Because there may be a glitched base under the map or inside something. Check that first.

/ascend and /descend: With this command you can go up or down a certain amount of units.
You can go up or down in bases and in the map, very useful to check for glitched base. Used
as followed: /ascend # with # being the units you ascend or descend
Hint: If you are in a base and want to go up/down one level, 5 is the amount of units to do

/jump: With this command you can teleport in a straight line. Just aim at an object or part of
the map in first person and type /jump.

/ban: This commands is used to ban players for a certain amount of time or permanently
from the servers. Ban only with REASON, again abusing this command results in a DEMOTE and TEMPORARY BAN from the server network!
You can ban for mute dodging (12-24h) and a few other situations. (See Staff Guide).
The command is used as followed:
/ban Steam64ID “Reason-By(staffname)-duration-Appeal@forum” (duration in seconds)

With this explanation we hope that you as Moderator will do what is expected from you ingame. Ofcourse always be active on the discord and try to help out as much people as possible.
If you have any further questions be sure to send me (Supervisor QualitySalt) messages in discord or in the chat room.
Have fun being moderator!